Product innovation, planning and product marketing driven through consumer insights and human computer interaction

For the past 20 years, I have been fortunate to be at (or really close! to) the center of innovation. It’s been a long road that ends up with me writing this blog and looking for the next great opportunity.

Intermixed with insights into mobility, I’ll share some of my experiences with technology starting with the ‘transportable’ that took me through college and into grad school, training astronauts to use a replacement for a mouse, evaluating and collaborating on the design of new laptops, building new experiences for really early pen based PCs and PDAs, helping to originate the Tablet PC and UMPC, working on a cellular phone platform, shipping and defining a WiFi social media player.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Todd Beals said

    Ummm…….so what brand/product was the wireless social media player ?

    • It was the ibiza Rhapsody player. The 3rd generation player which was weeks away from going to market with Facebook and Twitter integrated into the overall user experience. You could tweet or post to Facebook any object on the player – music, videos, playlists, pictures, etc. There was also a browser to provide for going to the mobile sites for these and other sites. Sadly, the startup ran out of money before the latest generation of devices were sold into the market. I don’t believe that we ever disclosed what the activities we were working on for our other partners when we were in conversations 🙂

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